I should not talk so much about myself
if there was anybody else whom I knew as well.
Unfortunately, I am confined to this theme
by the narrowness of my experience.

Henry David Thoreau

I’m a guy who lives in Denver, dreams of California, reads a lot, travels as much as he can, writes a little, has two cats, and spends far too much time staring at a small glowing rectangle. I love making things happen in a well-designed way.

I’m currently the co-founder and VP of Design & Marketing at SelectHub.

Previously, I helped build 22 Words into a 17 million views a month site. I founded Rainsong Media, a website design/development agency, Abuyo Media (acquired in 2013), Beacon Ad Network (acq. by BuySellAds in 2011), CloudHostingHQ (acq. in 2013), Rural Property Finder (acq. in 2013) and Pet Supply Online (acq. by ePets in 2004).

My essays have appeared in Thought Catalog, First Things, The Productivityist, The Good Men Project and Circle Six Magazine and I’m working on my first short story. Awarded “Top Writer 2013″ on Quora.

From 2004—2009 I worked at Desiring God as their Website Manager. I oversaw a major redesign that helped increase traffic 800% over 4 years.

In another life, I photographed stock photography, created NeilPostman.org, ran a BBS, and was a photo inspector and administrator for iStockPhoto, and was a freelance designer and developer.

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